Swimming Academy

Lincolnshire Sport's Sainsbury's School Games Lincolnshire Winter Festival. Picture: Chris Vaughan/Chris Vaughan Photography Date: Wednesday 5th March 2014Sasthapools Swimming Academy gives you the most fun and enjoyable fitness activity available. What is certain is that swimming is excellent for your health and best of all its open to everyone. Swimming is excellent for the whole body; it tones you up and strengthens your heart and lungs. It’s a great low impact exercise. Swimming improves strength, flexibility and balance. An important one swimming is great for WEIGHT CONTROL and increased energy levels. It’s the best calorie burner around. Sasthapools Swimming Academy is great remedy for people suffering with joint or muscular problems.

And finally, swim lessons are fun @sasthapools!

A little over a year ago I started swimming lessons with Ratheesh. I was a very frightened and had always been afraid of the water. Just today I finally swam full laps in the pool, entering the deep end fully. I credit Sasthapools with helping me get over my fear of the water. He started with someone who was too afraid to even go into the shallow end of the pool and look at me now! Thanks Sasthapools. - Arjun Sharma / Student, TISB School.

Aqua Aerobics


Today aqua aerobics is not a new term but very fast spreading buzzword. Aqua aerobics are exercises done in the water and helps you burn calories in many ways. This doesn’t even require knowledge of swimming. The aerobics can be performed anytime in the pool. With the help of aqua aerobics, you can give a perfect shape to your body and be slim.

Aqua aerobics is also considered most favorable exercise suggested by many doctors. With no side effects, you can reach a very affordable exercise. Sometimes you may require exercising tools but even without that you can perform and aqua aerobics well.

Sasthapools specializes in aqua aerobics. Our aqua aerobics experts know the exercises to assist you gain the perfect shape. Apart from aqua aerobics, we are also experienced trainers of aqua dancing and aqua resistance.

I was a typical couch potato. After having both my knees replaced…My doctor recommended the Sasthapools and their aqua aerobics program. I’ve been in the program for two months…and lost 12 pounds and 2% body fat…I have gained more energy and stamina and feel better than I have in years - Mr.Murali.D / Sr.Software Engineer, TeleRad tech



We are group of swimming enthusiast who have come along together to form a unique and first of its kind fun and sports game which could be played in the pool. Also we are proud to say it is first of its kind in Bangalore. We organize these events under the banner “Sastha Pools Swimming Academy”. This academy has been in swimming coaching profession from past 5 years and a very successful indeed.

·         Water Volley Ball ·         Team Activities
·         Water Polo ·         Birthday Parties
·         Water Basket Ball ·         Wedding Anniversary
·         Poll Cross Over ·         Family Get Together
·         And Many More ·         Reunion Parties
  ·         Any Party You Can Think Of

Here is incredible. Every one of them is nice and exceedingly helpful. When my friends and I decided to go take a dip in the pool, one of the staff members went out of their way to get us some play balls and floating mats without us even asking. Now that's service. The sport part is excellent. Here winning or losing never bothers only pleasure all the game. Thanks Sasthapools for making the day memorable- Miss.Upasana, Sr. Software Engineer, SAP Labs

Pool Maintenance


After getting a swimming pool, the next thing you really need for your pool maintenance is a pool cover. The pool cover will help you cover the swimming pool when out of the house for long periods of time, or when the pool is not in use. Chemicals are used in pool maintenance on regular basis to keep water safe and clean. The most common chemical used is chlorine. Again, asking you to try and remember you childhood and that a fresh swimming pool.

I have been using sasthapools for about 3 years now. I called Ratheesh on my pool, it was in bad shape. Ratheesh was very polite, he spent the time to get my pool chemicals correct then he told me if I wanted his service how much it would be. Anyone that will fix your problem before he gets the contract has the confidence in his company that it takes to be a success. His prices are fair, his work is outstanding, and his customer service is not to be outdone. I do recommend his service to anyone that is looking for great service at a good price. I have really enjoyed not having to do anything but swim in my pool. Thanks Ratheesh!!!!! - Shoba Admin